What's Here Now?

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What's Here Now?

What really keeps you from experiencing peace in your life?

It’s not the state of the world. It’s not your particular circumstances. It’s not even your turbulent relationships. When it comes down to it, what keeps us from experiencing peace is either living in the past or living for the future. When we obsess over what’s already happened or put all of our efforts into creating a picture-perfect tomorrow, we miss what God has for us here and now. The result is regret over what we can’t change and anxiety over what we feel we must change.

That’s not what God wants for us.

With honest transparency, hope-filled compassion, and plenty of vulnerable humor, pastor Jeanne Stevens reveals the shockingly simple path to peace: presence. She helps you slow down, center yourself, and ask the all-important question, What’s here now?

By incorporating this simple question into your everyday life, you can stop obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. Instead, you’ll learn how to experience peace and purpose in this moment.

Ready to get started? There’s no time like the present.


Jeanne Stevens has been a trusted friend for many years. She lives and leads from her soul. Jeanne has the kind of wise and authentic voice that we all need in our lives. I’m grateful for how she has been a voice in my life.

Annie F. Downs

New York Times bestselling author of “That Sounds Fun”, sought-after speaker, and podcaster

What’s Here Now is a masterclass in learning to hold space for you. Jeanne Stevens writes in such an honest and human way that guides you to live freely to this present moment. She teaches you to honor what’s really stirring within and all the ways the past and future is relentlessly trying to hold you back. A must read!

Steve Carter

Pastor + Author of The Thing Beneath The Thing

Jeanne Stevens is a rare gift to my life, to the church and to the world. For over 25 years she has lived what she teaches and has built something beautiful at Soul City Church. I am so excited for her to share her deep wisdom and transformational teaching with the world through her new book What’s Here Now. I believe that God wants to use this book…and this woman…to change your life.

Bianca Juarez Ohthoff

Author of How to have your Life not Suck, Speaker, Co- Pastor of Fathers House

Jeanne has given us a delightful invitation into presence. Something that we all could use more of and something that this book helps make more accessible and desirable. Her insight, honesty, and humor are refreshing and help make this book not only easy to read but easy to practice.

Daniel G. Amen, MD

Author of You, Happier and Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Jeanne Stevens is first and foremost my friend. For some 15 years now I’ve had the privilege of sitting in the front row and cheering on her life, family, church, and leadership. She is a gifted voice who has a way of speaking right to what matters most. And she does it all with a real sense of humility, vulnerability, and generosity. I can’t wait for you to read her new book What’s Here Now when it is released next year!

Jeff Henderson

Author of Know What you’re FOR, Leader & Pastor

Raise your hand if you ever donate too much of today to thoughts about yesterday. Raise your hand if you ever spend too much of today focused on what might happen tomorrow, next week or next year? Why is it so hard to live in the only moment we really have access to, today? Jeanne Stevens knows and is here with a personal invitation to return to the present. If you’re ready to live in the now instead of the later or someday, read this book!

Jon Acuff

New York Times Bestselling author of "Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking.

I have been a fan of Jeanne Stevens for many years. The life she has lived and the Church that she and Jarrett have built is something beautiful..and so is this book! With all that we have going on in the world and in our lives, it’s easy to lose ourselves. This book helps us find ourselves. To get back to what matters most – presence. I believe that this book will be one that you will not only love but one that you will come back to again and again.

Eugene Cho

Author of Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk and Overrated

What’s Here Now is a beautiful reminder that there couldn’t be a better moment to embrace your very own life – than now! Jeanne has always been a fresh voice for me as she is a trailblazer in soulful living. As I turned the pages, it was as though I was joining her again on that precious path, this time awakening to the power of presence and practical ways on HOW to live that out. Her vulnerability is breathtaking as it is an invitation to be kind to your truest self as you embark on your own journey with God.

Lauren Tomlin

Jeanne Stevens is the voice we so desperately need at this moment. With earned authority and authentic vulnerability, she calls people to the place where Jesus wants to transform their soul. I have seen the fruit of her ministry first hand at Soul City Church and I’m so excited for her to share with the world what this church has been receiving all these years.

Nona Jones

Author of Success from the Inside Out, Speaker and Leader

Jeanne is a proven leader and has become a trusted voice for those exploring or returning to faith. Her new book, What’s Here Now, draws from her personal story and ministry experience. Enjoy!

Andy Stanley

Author, Communicator, and Founder of North Point Ministries

Jeanne is a wise and winsome guide to finding our deepest longings satisfied not in the story just out of reach but in the story right in front of us. “What’s Here Now” is a timely and timeless resource on this personal but universal journey toward hope.

Katherine Wolf

Author of "Suffer Strong" & "Hope Heals"

Sometimes one simple question can unlock unlimited possibilities. And sometimes one simple book can open doors that we never even knew existed. What’s Here Now is both that question and that book. I am so excited for Jeanne and for this book and I can only imagine all the ways that it will help people find God and themselves in the most obvious and unexpected places!

Bob Goff

Author, NYT Bestsellers, Love Does, Everybody Always and Dream Big

I’ve sat under many preachers but only under a few pastors. Jeanne’s ability to see into a soul is unmatched. Her pastor’s heart and prophet’s discernment has set her apart from a crowded culture of wordsmiths and with a small number of soulsmiths. I trust Jeanne with everything and I’m proud to be able to tell the world that their world is about to become much richer with her words in What’s Here Now.

Carlos Whittaker

Author, speaker, Moment Maker, and Hope Dealer.

Jeanne has always been thoughtful and brilliant. She’s someone I’ve been inspired by through her truthful storytelling and her wise and honest advice. I’ve known Jeanne for many transitions in her personal life. This is the book we all need now. This book is a lived impression of ways she has lived out her convictions. I trust her and her words. Most importantly, I trust Jeanne’s actions. The words written in this book are a gift for now and for generations to come because they are truly God inspired.

Latasha Morrison

Author of Be the Bridge, Speaker, Reconciler, & Bridge Builder

What’s Here Now is a must-read book! Jeanne Stevens is someone I know who not only writes beautifully on the spiritual practice of presence, but someone I know who lives it out.

Jamie Kern Lima

New York Times bestselling author of Believe IT and Founder, IT Cosmetics

Jeanne Stevens is a leader worth following and a voice worth listening to. She is someone who is grounded in a deep faith, honesty, vulnerability and humility. She has over 25 years of serving in the trenches of everyday leadership. Jeanne offers a wise and prophetic perspective for the challenges and the opportunities we all face. She can be trusted because she practices the principles she preaches!

Jo Saxton

Author, speaker, podcast host, and Leadership Coach

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