You Have a Light. // Beauty for Ashes, Part 5

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God has come for our despair. He knows that it’s very easy for us to lose hope and confidence. We can often stumble around in a darkness that’s within us, battling self-hatred, fear and even addiction. God wants to replace all of that darkness with His beams of light.

Despair tries to keep us in the dark. It makes us second-guess ourselves. It wants us to stay insecure and small. Despair wants us to stumble around in fear that can lead to hopelessness. Despair comes directly from the enemy – the prince of darkness.

For women, despair is often connected to our bodies. It’s connected to our wishing that we looked like someone else. It doesn’t even seem like despair in the beginning because it’s just a tiny little thing. It starts with a few moments in the mirror. It starts with depriving ourselves of food or self-medicating. Despair wants us to believe that we are not beautiful.

I so understand this… I have had a journey with this body. My mind has always known it’s a gift from God – but often my heart and my feelings have wanted to change it.  From every different kind of diet to then just saying I won’t care, God has been lovingly taking me on a journey of truly choosing to live in the light about this area of my life instead of in the darkness. And sharing this with other women has been one of the greatest parts of my journey in finding freedom and light instead of despair when it comes to my body.

God wants to replace the darkness of despair that can surround our lives with the beams of light that come from His love.

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