You Are Beautiful. // Beauty for Ashes, Part 6


God has come for our guilt and shame. He knows about every mistake we have made in the past and He knows how much remorse we feel. He knows that sometimes we feel like WE are the mistake. And He wants to take that guilt and shame and instead clothe us with honor.

Guilt and shame are like dangerous twins. They’ve tried to have fun in my life, and probably in yours, too.

Guilt is that gnawing reminder that we will never be able to get out from under the mistakes in our past. It’s like our mistakes and bad decisions are like a terribly tacky accessory that is constantly around our neck. We try to hide it because it never goes with what we’re wearing, and we do whatever we can to try and get rid of it because we don’t want to see it. Even though we do whatever we can to get rid of it, it seems like it just won’t go away. Guilt constantly says to us, “You’ve done something wrong.”

Shame is its evil twin that drives an intensely painful belief that we are fatally flawed and completely unworthy of acceptance and belonging. Shame tells us, “There’s something wrong with you.”

Both of these are thieves that steal from our true selves.

They gain power and position in our hearts and try to keep us from the rightful honor that God brings to us through the grace of Jesus.

God wants to take away our guilt and shame and clothe us with honor.

He loves taking these weights and burdens and exchanging them for hope, but He can only do that if we admit what they are, identify them and bring them to Him.

God has called us His daughters and has placed His Spirit upon us and He has anointed us with His love.

He has come to take our broken hearts – the places where we are crushed, lonely and feel isolated and He will bring us comfort

He knows that we have been locked up in our own prisons where we feel deprived of liberty.  The prisons where we need to stay in control and compare ourselves to others and always appear perfect and put together – He wants to give us freedom from this jail cell.

He knows that we carry a sorrow – a deep distress, sadness and grief.  He knows that we are disappointed and we have given up on having a vision for our lives.  He wants to replace that sorrow with HIS hope.

He has come for our despair – He knows that we have lost hope and confidence – that we stumble around in a darkness that is within, often battling hopelessness, self-hatred, fear & addiction.  He wants to replace all of that darkness with His beams of light.

He has come for our guilt and our shame.  He knows about every mistake we have made in the past and he knows that we feel so much remorse – but we don’t know how to get out from underneath it.  He wants to take that guilt and shame and clothe us with honor.

He sees all of these ashes, all of these I AM NOT’S and our GREAT I AM wants to absorb them all and turn them into a crown of beauty.

He is offering BEAUTY FOR ASHES.

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