You Are Beautiful. // Beauty for Ashes, Part 6


God has come for our guilt and shame. He knows about every mistake we have made in the past and He knows how much remorse we feel. He knows that sometimes we feel like WE are the mistake. And He wants to take that guilt and shame and instead clothe us with honor. Read more

You Have a Light. // Beauty for Ashes, Part 5

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God has come for our despair. He knows that it’s very easy for us to lose hope and confidence. We can often stumble around in a darkness that’s within us, battling self-hatred, fear and even addiction. God wants to replace all of that darkness with His beams of light. Read more

You Have Hope. // Beauty for Ashes, Part 4

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God knows we carry sorrow – deep distress, sadness, and grief. He knows that we face disappointments and can give up on having a vision for our lives. He wants to replace our sorrows with HIS hope.

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You Are Free. // Beauty for Ashes, Part 3


God knows we have been locked up in our own prisons where we feel deprived of freedom.

Isaiah 61 reminds us that God’s Spirit is with us and it proclaims freedom for those who are captive and release for those who are in darkness.

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You Are Loved. // Beauty for Ashes, Part 2


Today we’re continuing on our journey though Isaiah 61….

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Facing Our I AM NOT’s // Beauty for Ashes, Part 1


My 4 year old little diva Gigi and I have been having all kinds of conversations about the difference between girls and women lately.  Read more